Martin Fruergaard
Chief Executive Officer
Michael T. Jorgensen
Chief Financial Officer


Kristian Helt
Director, Chartering
Hideaki Arai
Head of Pacific Handysize
David Lawrence
Head of Atlantic Handysize & Head of Atlantic Chartering
Matthew Wathern
Head of Pacific Supramax & Head of Pacific Chartering
Harry Stapleton
Head of Atlantic Supramax & Head of Long Term Tonnage
Christopher Martin
Head of Indian Ocean Chartering

Asset Management

Daigoro Oyama
Director, Sale & Purchase
Morten Ingebrigtsen
Director, Asset Management

Commercial Operations

Capt. Suresh Prabhakar
Director, Operations
James Chesman
Director, Operations
Capt. Sunil Sahny
General Manager, Pacific Operations
Rakesh Sharma
General Manager, Bunkers
Capt. Uttam K Jaiswal
General Manager, Operations
Xiu Cheng
General Manager, Insurance & Legal
Harshavardhan Bhave
Director, Fleet
Mark Hardy
Head of Sustainability
Sivanand Ray
General Manager, Fleet Personnel
Vikram Dhingra
General Manager, Marine

Finance, Governance, Investor Relations & Communications

Kitty Mok
Company Secretary & Director, Risk
Jay De Silva
Director, Corporate Finance
Peter Budd
GM, Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
Karin Mak
Director, Accounting
Pearl Liang
General Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis and Research

Human Resources, Administration & Information Technology

P.B. Subbiah
Director, Human Resources & Administration
Suresh Moganti
Director, IT

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