Responsibility to Our People

The health, safety and behaviour of our employees underlies every aspect of how we operate. They are driven by policies, procedures, a team culture and efforts to continually improve how we conduct ourselves in our business at sea and onshore.

Providing healthy work conditions, a safe and supportive environment and opportunities to advance and develop within Pacific Basin are key to the well-being and fulfilment of our staff and our success.

Our Workplace Performance in 2022 Our Heroes at Sea


Pacific Basin strives to develop a diverse, effective and motivated team. At sea and on shore, we continue to uphold the highest health and safety standards and train our colleagues to enable them to tackle evolving business challenges while looking after their – and each other’s – overall wellbeing. We want to encourage and support each individual’s unique efforts to contribute to our business and to remove barriers to inclusion and equality of opportunity.

Commitment to

Safeguarding a decent, healthy & safe work environment

We strive to eliminate injury and navigation incidents and promote a healthy work environment at sea and ashore. We will continue every effort to get our seafarers home quickly and safely even during crises. We enable fair, decent and productive livelihoods for all of our staff.

Nurturing an empowered and inclusive organisation

We value, respect, trust and care for our people. We invite and support each unique individual to contribute to our business and its positive impact. We value and encourage diversity of experience, perspectives and opinions, provide equality of opportunity, and strive to remove bias and barriers.

Investing in a well-supported and competent workforce

We invest in the growth of our teams to enhance safety, environmental protection, productivity, customer satisfaction and the success of our business overall. We strive to enhance our employer brand to attract talent, and we promote job fulfilment by unlocking potential and supporting career development.

  • Safety first at all times. We have clear policies and procedures for our ship and shore staff. Our Pacific Basin Management System captures performance and provides a mechanism for us to analyse and improve our performance.
  • Our HSEQ policy, together with Pacific Basin Management System, ensures employment standards and certifications comply with the STCW Code.
  • Risk assessment systems identify and establish appropriate safeguards and practices.
  • Teamwork and a no-blame culture drive an excellent safety record.
  • Training, best practices and adherence to Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor mandates are followed in the Gulf of Aden and other areas where there are threats of piracy attacks.
  • Enforce a drug and alcohol policy on board our ships and ensure all watch-keeping personnel undergo drug and alcohol tests before embarking on our vessels.
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment and ensure the welfare of the staff.
  • High-performance teamwork at Pacific Basin is vital to our success. We foster high crew standards and teamwork at sea, and our shore-based technical, marine & safety and most senior operations managers are experienced former ship captains and chief engineers. This encourages a culture where problems are shared openly and officers can rely on the very best, consistent support from ashore.
  • Crew conferences, training seminars and cadet programmes offer a clear path of advancement within the ranks of our crew.
  • We invest in classroom or seminar-based training for our shore-based employees.
  • Investment in the development and training of our staff at sea and ashore is key to maximising our crew and ships' safety and productivity. It is also a major factor in the motivation, engagement and retention of our employees.
  • At Sea

    • At least four officer training seminars are held in our Manila and Dalian crewing centres annually.
    • Incident review, root cause analysis and preventive measures are developed, communicated and deployed.
    • Communications regarding regulatory changes and industry developments distributed.
    • We have cadet recruitment programs in China, the Philippines and Hong Kong.
    • Fleet training managers sail periodically on vessels to offer on-the-job training.


    • Team building exercises and events promote high-performance teamwork and a culture of high standards.
    • Global communications via intranet and instant messaging ensure real time connectivity.
    • Understudy programmes are available for young executives.
    • Independent classroom and seminar training is encouraged.
    • High-potential employees identified as future leaders receive additional leadership and management coaching.

    Going Beyond Requirements

    We train our seafarers to standards exceeding those required by STCW. Our extra investments in training on board, in classrooms or via computer or simulator include:

    • Maritime Resource Management training
    • Bridge Resource Management
    • Engine Resource Management
    • Pre-joining briefings
  • Our labour standards, human rights practices and workplace conditions adhere to all conventions where our ships trade and our offices are located.
  • High-quality offices offer employees a safe and comfortable work environment. This includes good lighting and air conditions and ergonomic workstations.
  • We encourage a healthy balance between family life and work.
  • We keep our employees engaged through newsletters, information circulars, town hall meetings, an open-door policy, and multiple means of staying connected through an intranet and instant messaging system.

We recognise the value of diverse staff of different ages, cultures and backgrounds who bring to our team diversity of experience, perspectives and opinions that make our business more dynamic, vibrant, innovative and successful.

We strive to create culture of care, respect and non-discrimination and inclusion, and a workplace where all colleagues enjoy equality of opportunity, where all ideas are heard, where decisions are based on merit, and where staff are supported in their individual efforts to contribute to our business’ success. This will always be a work in progress, and we will regularly seek out and try to understand any existing biases and barriers.

  • We take pride in the diversity of our staff across colour, gender and age.
  • Our shore-based staff comprise executives of 31 nationalities.
  • More than one third of our shore-based staff have worked for Pacific Basin for over 10 years, testament to job fulfilment.
  • Our high officer and crew retention rate is high, also testament to job fulfilment.
  • We are good humoured, caring and fair, and treat everybody with dignity and respect, encouraging diversity of opinions and cultures.
  • We honour our commitments.
  • We know our customers and their business, and we adhere to trading practices that follow the letter of local, regional and international maritime law.
  • Labour standards and human rights practices adhere to all conventions where our ships trade and our offices are located.
  • Our code of conduct prohibits staff from offering or accepting bribes or engaging in fraud, forgery, collusion or anti-competitive behaviour.
  • Our staff abide by Hong Kong and international anti-corruption regulations.
  • Stores and spares are purchased from approved suppliers.

Examples of vetting criteria we require of our suppliers and subcontractors include:

  • Certification to a recognised international standard
  • Approval by regulatory authorities
  • Authorised agents or original equipment manufacturers, and/or
  • Membership of a reputable organisation such as International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA) or the International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA)

Our Pacific Basin Management System ashore and at sea conforms to the mandatory International Safety Management (ISM) Code. It is also certified by DNV GL Business Assurance to voluntary standards, including:

  • ISO 9001:2015 for our quality management system
  • ISO 14001:2015 for our environmental management system
  • ISO 45001:2018 for our occupational health & safety management system

In-house Fleet Management

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