Responsible Business Fundamentals

We are committed to conducting our business in adherence to high ethical standards, and we recognise the importance of good corporate stewardship in driving sustainability and enhancing our brand and shareholder value. Through responsible, experienced staff and an effective business model and organisational systems, we are able to maximise efficiencies and create intangibles associated with a strong reputation.


Pacific Basin aims to evolve and enhance management and governance practices for best-in-class risk management, reporting, transparency, stakeholder confidence and corporate stewardship. We adopt responsible observance of stakeholder interests as an integral part of our commitment to sustainability and good corporate governance.

Commitment to

Governing with efficiency and discretion

We continue to bolster and streamline management decision-making, risk mitigation, due diligence and board governance procedures and systems, ensuring alignment between ship and shore operations.

Strengthening resilience and business continuity

We mitigate accidents which pose material risks not only to the business but to our people and the environment. We futureproof the business by assessing and managing disruptions from climate risks, global pandemics and cyber security.

Building trust through integrity and transparency

We increase stakeholder confidence by tackling corruption with ethical practices, transparent reporting and regular multi-level engagement.

Maintaining financial health and access to capital

We continue to manage our financial resources and funding, work within our financial gearing targets, maintain the financial health of the Group drawing on our access to capital, and strive for best-in-class reporting, transparency and corporate stewardship.

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