Our Heroes at Sea

Professionalism, Perseverance & Loyalty


From our seafaring heroes who enable uninterrupted service to customers during the pandemic, to our shore staff who support our ships and crews and manage our customer relationships, the perseverance and strength of the Pacific Basin team is key to our success.

1,000+ voyagescompleted in 1H2023 386 shore staffin 14 key locations around the world3,900+ crewserved on our owned vessels in 1H2023


Seafaring is a noble profession and, while it is often fulfilling, it can be very challenging for ships’ crews. Seafarers are far away from their families and friends for many months at a time, and they can feel isolated, lonely, fatigued, anxious, physically unfit, bored and deprived of the amenities and creature comforts of home.

We have long been mindful of our seafarers’ needs and wellbeing, and we have over the years pursued many initiatives to improve our crews’ lives and wellness – social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical.

These wellbeing challenges were significantly amplified during the pandemic when governments’ Covid containment measures meant that crews were not allowed to step ashore for a few hours of relaxation or even to return home on completion of their contracts. Even if crew could disembark in a port, there were often no airline connections to get them home, requiring ship managers to be even more inventive with crew change and travel logistics. Seafarers often had to quarantine multiple times before commencing or after completing their tours of duty, in many cases adding up to 5-8 weeks of quarantine before they could be reunited with their families.

Covid containment measures eased in 2022 – most recently and significantly in China – but crewing logistics are not yet back to normal, and the wellbeing challenges of seafarers remain a priority for us. They always will.



We acknowledge our seafarers who throughout the pandemic demonstrated patience and professionalism in maintaining safe operating practices and a reliable and substantially uninterrupted service to our customers

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