Pacific Basin convenes an annual general meeting (AGM) in April each year which all shareholders are entitled to attend to cast their vote.

Notice of every general meeting is given to all shareholders in accordance with the Company’s Bye-laws and the Listing Rules of Hong Kong. All resolutions put to a vote are decided by way of a poll, although the chairman of the meeting may, in good faith, allow resolutions relating purely to procedural and administrative matters to be voted on by a show of hands.

Resolutions are adopted by shareholders by a simple majority of votes, except where the Company’s Bye-laws specify that not less than three-fourths of votes cast is required (such as resolutions to alter the Bye-Laws, amend the Memorandum of Association, reduce the Company’s authorised or issued share capital, etc.).

Further details can be found in the Company’s Bye-Laws.

Annual General Meeting

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