Our core market

Pacific Basin is a dry bulk shipping specialist. We are the world's largest owner and operator of modern Handysize ships with a significant presence also in the Supramax segment.

Dry bulk segments

  • Handysize and Supramax bulk carriers are versatile mid-size ships that are "geared" (fitted with cranes) and carry a broad range of minor bulk and major bulk cargoes
  • Panamax and Capesize bulk carriers are very large ships that are "gearless" (not fitted with cranes) and carry a limited number of major bulk cargoes


What are Handysize and Supramax dry bulk ships?

  • Modern Handysize and Supramax* ships carry 25,000-42,000 and 42,000-65,000 metric tonnes of cargo respectively
  • They are 170-190 metres long and 27-32 metres wide, and their handy proportions enables access to ports that may be restricted by shallow water, locks, narrow channels and tight river bends
  • Each ship has 5 cargo holds and 4 cranes (typically with 30-tonne lifting capacity) enabling cargo self-loading and discharging
  • Handysize and some Supramax ships are fitted with log stanchions, so we can carry a full cargo of logs in cargo holds and on deck
  • Dry bulk commodities include agricultural products and raw materials such as grains, fertiliser, logs and forest products, minerals, coal, metal ores and concentrates, steel and scrap metal

* We now refer to the Handymax, Supramax and Ultramax segments more generally as "Supramax"