Responsible Value Creation

We recognise our obligations as a responsible member of the communities in which we operate, and we seek to ensure that the interests of these communities are represented within Pacific Basin and vice versa. Our engagement in and contributions to these communities takes a number of forms, in an effort to support their - and our - longer-term effectiveness, resilience and sustainability.

Our engagement in and contributions to the communities in which we operate are an important part of sustainability at Pacific Basin.

Our Responsible Value Creation in 2022


Pacific Basin is in it for the long haul - valuing long-term relationships over short-term gains with our customers, suppliers, investors, finance providers, regulators, local communities and other networks. Leveraging our scale and influence in the dry bulk industry, we seek to promote a responsible, ethical, inclusive and resilient global marketplace by working together with our stakeholders.

Commitment to

Serving our customers

We strive to deliver to our customers a class-leading, personalised, flexible, responsive and reliable service. We wish to make sustainability an opportunity for differentiation, such as by engaging and collaborating with our customers to decarbonise their supply chains.

Serving society and sustainable trade

We move diverse and essential commodities that support the global economy and sustainable development. We are discerning with our suppliers, service providers, ports, cargoes and customers – managing our exposure to risky, controversial and destructive trades.

Serving our stakeholders

We recognise our obligations and respond to the interests of our stakeholder networks – our investors, shipping industry organisations, regulating bodies, jurisdictions in which we operate, the seafarer community and the wider global supply chain.


We strive to be the partner of choice for customers in our segment. We try to deliver best-in-class service and performance, and our customer-focused business model has driven customer engagement and service at a local level, solid service reliability, enhanced customer satisfaction and an excellent reputation globally.

We consider diligently and respond quickly to our customers’ enquiries, cargo contract tenders, operational queries, opinions requests and complaints. Our global office network positions us close to our customers, enabling direct and frequent engagement, a clear understanding of their needs and localised customer support. Having a large, modern, uniform fleet and comprehensive in-house technical operations enhances our ability to deliver high-quality and reliable service.

We regularly engage with our customers through surveys and telephone and face-to-face contact to gather their views and expectations about our performance. This enables us to understand where we do well, where we do less well, and how we can further improve our service quality and enhance our competitiveness.


As one of the largest foreign employers of Chinese crew and a significant employer of Filipino crew, we invest in recruitment activities and training programmes in Hong Kong and Dalian (China) and Manila (Philippines) and Odessa. Community donations are focused on the Sailors' Society and Hong Kong Mission to Seafarers. Our Human Resources Director serves as an Asian Ambassador to the Sailors' Society to support seafarer welfare causes.


Our ships trade globally and our crew and employees act as ambassadors for Pacific Basin. Officers and crew conduct themselves accordingly as respectful and law-abiding visitors to host ports, showing warm hospitality towards visitors on board. We make every effort to establish and maintain good relations with port authorities and agents and work to exceed requirements under applicable environmental laws to minimise our impact on cities and ports.

Hong Kong

We take an active role in Hong Kong where we are headquartered, listed and where our owned dry bulk fleet is flagged. We are members of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association executive committee, the Shipping Consultative Committee of the Hong Kong Administration and the Seafarer Advisory Board. Our financial support of maritime causes in Hong Kong includes Pacific Basin's annual three-year scholarship to Hong Kong Polytechnic University for students pursuing a degree in International Transport Logistics.

The Shipping and Marine Industry

We are active contributors within the shipping community and have a voice in the international dialogue on topical issues and future legislation in our industry. Pacific Basin and its senior management ensure our regular engagement with the shipping industry and relevant governmental and regulatory bodies through membership of organisations such as:

Tackling Our Community Responsibilities

We seek to ensure that the interests of the community are represented within Pacific Basin and vice versa, which we achieve by:

  • Maintaining regular engagement with stakeholders and organisations connected to the shipping industry and the places and jurisdictions in which we operate.
  • Ensuring we comply with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we operate.
  • Being mindful of the implications of our business activities on our communities and stakeholders.
  • Donating financially to seafarer welfare organisations and thus giving back to a deserving community and a cause most closely connected to our business.


In-house Fleet Management

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