Our ESG Strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our industry is facing an evolving and increasingly complex business landscape which poses both risks and opportunities for our company. To navigate the challenges of today and tomorrow, and to further define our role as industry leaders, we are harnessing our culture of “doing the right thing” and putting it to work in a pragmatic sustainability framework comprising four pillars of responsibility.

Environmental Responsibility

Decarbonising our fleet, managing our waste and use of resources, and minimising our impact on biodiversity as we continue to grow our business

Responsibility to our people

Safeguarding a decent, healthy and safe work environment and nurturing an empowered and inclusive organisation, while developing a well-supported and competent workforce

Responsible business fundamentals

Evolving and enhancing management and governance practices (including due diligence, financial and risk management, integrity and transparency) to safeguard business resilience and stakeholder trust and confidence

Responsible value creation

Serving, helping and collaborating with customers, suppliers, the seafarer community and other stakeholders to support a responsible and resilient supply chain and PB community

These responsibilities are core to our culture, strategy and long-term vision, and it is our spirit and culture that turn sustainability efforts into reality and make a difference both within and outside of our organisation.

Our commitment to and performance in the above overarching areas of sustainability are discussed in detail in our downloadable reports as follows:

Our sustainability reporting follows the Hong Kong Stock Exchange's Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting Guide.

Our Compliance with SEHK ESG Reporting

We are recognised within and outside our industry for the quality of our corporate governance, investor relations and commercial, technical, safety and CSR management, and we are proud to be stewards of best practices across these areas.

IBJ Awards (International Bulk Journal)

  • Bulk Ship Operator of the Year Award

HKICPA Best CG and ESG Awards

  • Gold Award in Most Sustainable Companies Awards (Medium Market Cap)

Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards

  • Grand Award for Best ESG report (mid-cap)
  • Grand Award for Excellence in Environmental Positive Impact
  • Grand Award for Excellence in ESG Governance
  • Commendation for Excellence in Social Positive Impact

Hong Kong Marine Department Awards

  • Outstand Performance in Port State Control Inspections
  • Award for Bravery

Recent Past Awards

Some notable other awards in recent years include:

  • Shipping Company of the Year at Seatrade Maritime Awards 2022
  • Excellence in Dry Bulk Shipping at Lloyd’s List Asia Pacific Awards 2019
  • People Development Award at International Bulk Journal Awards 2019
  • Dry Bulk Operator of the Year at Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2018
  • Customer Care Award at International Bulk Journal Awards 2018
  • Company of the Year at Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2017

Sustainability Highlights 2023

Human Capital Natural Capital Social & Relationship Capital

Our Impact in 2023

Healthy working conditions, a strong safety culture, opportunities to advance and responsible business practices are the foundations of how Pacific Basin operates.

Our Impact in 2023

Propelling vessels across oceans requires a number of resources or inputs, the consumption of which results in outputs that impact the environment.

Our Impact in 2023

We are responsible members of the communities where our ships call and where our employees live and work. We are engaged members of our industry.




nautical miles travelled


ports across 108 countries


shore-based employees


tonnes of fuel consumed


office locations worldwide

Our Performance


Seafarer Retention


ships per Safety & Training Manager


shore staff received external training

Our Performance


grams of CO2 per tonne-mile


tonnes of CO2 emitted by our owned fleet

Our Performance


charitable donations and sponsorship – mainly for seafarer welfare causes

"Your crew was one of the best crews I’ve worked with. Loading of the vessel was made easier for my foreman because of everyone on this ship. We thank the crew for their cooperation."

Message of appreciation from one of many ports where our ships trade

Our Strategy

We strive to create a culture of safety, innovation and teamwork across our fleet and business enabling our employees to thrive and make a difference.

Our Strategy

Our sustainability initiatives seek to reduce our most material outputs and impacts on the atmosphere and marine environment; we also seek to reduce waste by minimising what we consume both at sea and ashore.

Our Strategy

We advocate and engage with organisations and other stakeholders that are involved in or connected with the business of shipping and the places where we operate; we follow applicable laws and responsible business practices.

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