Carbon Neutral Voyage Programme

Pacific Basin offers Carbon Neutral Shipping

  • Our investments and initiatives to improve our fleet's energy efficiency have over many years driven a reduction in our carbon intensity. Those efforts will continue until we no longer have any ships running on fossil fuels
  • We target to operate a fleet comprising only zero-emission vessels by 2050, and we will only order newbuilding vessels when zero-emission-ready vessels are available and commercially viable in our segments
  • In the meantime, we are left with currently unavoidable voyage emissions reflected in the carbon footprint of your delivered cargo
  • Since November 2021, we offer our customers the option of voluntarily offsetting voyage emissions from the transportation of your cargoes on our PB vessels

At Pacific Basin, we take the firm view that carbon offsetting does not absolve us of our responsibility to reduce and eventually eliminate our actual carbon emissions.

We are pursuing a comprehensive programme of initiatives to reduce our carbon emissions, as a result of which our owned fleet's carbon intensity continues to reduce long term.

What remains, however, are currently unavoidable emissions, some of which we wish to neutralize voluntarily through carbon offsetting. It's just one of several steps we feel it's worth taking towards achieving carbon neutrality - especially in hard-to-decarbonise industries - on the long road to complete decarbonisation.

We partner with Hong Kong-headquartered power company CLP# who supply our carbon offset programme with carbon credits derived from CLP's wind and solar farms in Asia
CLP was founded in Hong Kong in 1901, at a time when electricity was still a novelty worldwide. Today CLP powers millions of homes and businesses across the Asia Pacific region. CLP is a Hong Kong-listed company - one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in Asia - and is committed to meeting Asia Pacific's energy challenge in a sustainable manner.
Certificated Credits
Carbon credits are certificated and governed under internationally recognised mechanisms, including Verra's Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and The United Nations' Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
Competitive Price
We have access to carbon credits for voyage emissions offsetting at a price that is competitive for quality carbon credits
High Quality Projects
CLP's carbon credit projects are subject to robust governance, diligent quantification of climate-action impact, independent auditing and verification to international standards, while also contributing to the wellbeing of local communities
Transparent Process
We give our cargo customers estimates of their voyage emissions and offset prices before entering into agreements and the final price will only be confirmed after voyage completion. We issue an offset certificate after payment settlement, supported by CLP carbon offset certificate and an official carbon credit retirement certificate

How does my offset payment help?


When you pay to offset emissions via the PB Carbon Neutral Voyage Programme, the money goes directly back to the projects company which holds the wind or solar farm.

Climate action projects like these would not have taken place without the added incentive created by carbon credits.


This money then helps fund the development and operations of the wind or solar farm, such as…


Ongoing maintenance and repairs of the wind turbines, solar panels and associated infrastructure


Wages for employees, who are also part of the local community


Taxes paid to local and national governments


Donations to and investment in the local community

Join Us on Our Jouney towards
a Net Zero Future in Shipping

  • We invite our cargo customers to partner with us in the effort to reduce or neutralise our shared carbon footprint for environmentally sustainable commodity delivery
  • We can discuss carbon neutral single voyages or COAs
  • If you are interested in neutralising at a competitive price the carbon emissions from the transportation of your cargoes on Pacific Basin ships, then please ask us for a price estimate via your chartering contact at Pacific Basin
  • We look forward to receiving your enquiries and to exploring how we can help you meet your sustainable shipping needs

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