With you for the long haul

We strive to deliver a reliable service, ensuring cargoes arrive on time and in good condition. But our relationship with our customers extends beyond a single voyage...

With you for the long haul

  • We always look for ways to make it easier to do business with us, and to encourage our customers keep coming back to us.
  • We seek to position ourselves as our customers' long-term strategic freight partners because we believe in the mutual value of building and maintaining long-term relationships which we prioritise over short-term gain.
  • We apply sustainable thinking in the way we run our business.

Our customers tell us that our customer focus, track record and financial strength enhance their confidence in us as a healthy counterparty and a long-term freight partner. Many consider us to be the best in the business.

We are here to stay and, through thick and thin, to ensure the highest degree of customer satisfaction.


Our vessels, crew and commercial teams are often commended by customers and port stakeholders for their quality and professionalism. This enhances our reputation and goes a long way to opening new trading opportunities. The professionalism demonstrated by our colleagues exemplifies our mission to excel in everything we do, to achieve our vision of becoming the partner of choice for our customers.

Customer Testimonials

Pacific Basin provides the flexibility, punctuality and counterparty health that we consider important

You are very pragmatic and, when required, flexible and competitive; I am very comfortable with the business and relationship between us

We appreciate the quality of your ships and ship management, and your guys are fantastic with information updates and resolution of issues

Pacific Basin is genuinely a combined unit that works well together, with motivated people and good teamwork

You are a top professional owner who is trust-worthy, responsive and knows our business well

Your vessels are good, and I like the quality and reliability you offer and the good people at PB

Your team is cooperative, collaborative, and generally quick; you are good at collaborating to resolve issues

You guys have a good and fast understanding of our requests, and are motivated and give us good support

Operationally your service is fantastic, outstanding, and I like dealing directly with you guys because you sort things out

I do almost all my business through PB, and your guys are getting to the stage where they know what I need before I ask for it

Port Stakeholder Testimonials

We thank your captain and his officers and crew for their exceptional co-operation during cargo loading.

Customer at load port in Australia

Our inspector found your vessel to be well organised and safely operated. Your vessel’s management practices demonstrate a strong commitment to marine safety and protection of the marine environment.

Department of Ecology, Washington, USA

The crew was very cooperative and did everything possible to make this a smooth loading. The Chief Mate in particular did a fantastic job.

Stevedore in Vancouver, Canada

Your skilled crew demonstrated responsibility and safety awareness making for smooth cargo loading operations, and they gave their best efforts to our crane operators. I really thank you for your crew’s assistance and appreciate the Master and Chief Officer’s excellent organisation and cooperation.

Customer at load port in Mozambique