Shareholder access

Shareholder Access & Shareholders' Rights

Communication with the Company

Shareholders are encouraged to maintain direct communication with Pacific Basin. Please refer to our Shareholder Communication Policy.

Calling a Special General Meeting

Shareholders may call a Special General Meeting in accordance with the Company’s by-laws, which in summary state that:

  • Shareholders holding not less than one-tenth of the paid up capital of the Company can, in writing to the Board or the Secretary of the Company, request a special general meeting to be called by the Board so as to carry out any business specified in such request; and
  • The signed written request, which should specify the purpose of the meeting, should be delivered to the Company’s registered office in Hong Kong. The meeting will be held within two months after receiving the request. If the Board fails to start convening such meeting within twenty-one days of receiving the request, the shareholders themselves may do so in accordance with the provisions of Section 74(3) of the Companies Act 1981 of Bermuda.

Nomination of Directors

Shareholders may propose a person for election as a Director subject to the Companies Act 1981 of Bermuda and the Company’s Bye-laws. For relevant details, please refer to Procedures for Shareholders to propose a person for election as a Director.

Shareholder Meetings

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Corporate Calendar

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