Sustainability overview

Our Sustainability Strategy and Focus Areas

Sustainable business practices are an important platform for creating long-term value and fundamental to being a successful, professionally-managed and reputable company.

Our sustainability initiatives and reporting are guided by broad strategic objectives that relate to:

Environmental Stewardship

drawing mainly on natural capital, predominantly through our fleet’s consumption of fuel and other inputs and the resulting impacts of emissions, use of resources and climate change.

Safety, Workplace and Business Practices

drawing mainly on human capital which includes the skills, experience, behaviour and loyalty of our staff that we reward and enhance with fair remuneration and a commitment to health and safety, development and training, equal opportunity and a comfortable and fulfilling workplace.

Community Engagement

drawing mainly on social and relationship capital which is the mutually beneficial partnership we strive to maintain with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in our communities, while always demonstrating responsible business practice.

Corporate Governance

drawing on social and relationship capital, evolving management and governance practices for best-in-class risk management, transparency and stakeholder confidence.

These responsibilities are core to our culture, strategy and long-term vision, and it is our spirit and culture that turn sustainability efforts into reality and make a difference both within and outside of our organisation.

Our commitment to and performance in the above overarching areas of sustainability are discussed in detail in our downloadable reports as follows:

Our sustainability reporting follows the Hong Kong Stock Exchange's Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting Guide.

Our Compliance with SEHK ESG Reporting

We are recognised within and outside our industry for the quality of our corporate governance, investor relations and commercial, technical, safety and CSR management, and we are proud to be stewards of best practices across these areas.

Hong Kong ESG Report Awards 2020

  • Commendation for Excellence in Social Positive Impact

Hong Kong Marine Department Awards

  • Outstanding performance in Port State Control Inspections

Port of Vancouver’s EcoAction Program

  • Blue Circle Award

Lloyd’s List Asia Pacific Awards 2019

  • Excellence in Dry Bulk Shipping

International Bulk Journal Awards 2019

  • People Development Award

Jinganggu Awards 2019

  • Best CSR Listed Company