Our ESG approach

A Sustainable Business Approach

We are a substantial shipping business. We draw on and impact the resources and relationships (our Capitals) on which we rely to create and protect value. As a large player with an ambitious vision for the future, we recognise our responsibilities to these Capitals, which affect the long-term sustainability of our business.

Many of our responsible actions - our commitment to Sustainability - enhance our financial performance, our reputation and the future value of our business.

These responsibilities and relationships are components of the key material matters we focus on to deliver our strategic objectives. Our active approach to Sustainability is rooted in our culture and, governed by our policies and systems, integrated into our daily business behaviour and operating practices.

Our ESG initiatives enhance safety and workplace fulfilment, minimise our operations' environmental impact, and enrich engagement with the communities in which we operate.

Responsibility to Our People

Safeguarding a decent, healthy and safe work environment and nurturing an empowered and inclusive organisation, while developing a well-supported and competent workforce

Environmental Responsibility

Decarbonising our fleet, managing our waste and use of resources, and minimising our impact on biodiversity as we continue to grow our business

Responsible Value Creation

Serving, helping and collaborating with customers, suppliers, the seafarer community and other stakeholders to support a responsible and resilient supply chain and PB community

Responsible Business Fundamentals

Evolving and enhancing management and governance practices (including due diligence, financial and risk management, integrity and transparency) to safeguard business resilience and stakeholder trust and confidence

These responsibilities are core to our culture, strategy and long-term vision. Our spirit and culture turn our sustainability efforts into reality and make a difference within and outside of our organisation.

Sustainability Policies, Governance etc.

Sustainability policies, governance, materiality, and reporting framework and scope

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