Our ESG approach

A Sustainable Business Approach

We are a substantial shipping business. We draw on and impact the resources and relationships (our Capitals) on which we rely to create and protect value. As a large player with an ambitious vision for the future, we recognise our responsibilities to these Capitals, which affect the long-term sustainability of our business.

Many of our responsible actions - our commitment to Sustainability - enhance our financial performance, our reputation and the future value of our business.

These responsibilities and relationships are components of the key material matters we focus on to deliver our strategic objectives. Our active approach to Sustainability is rooted in our culture and, governed by our policies and systems, integrated into our daily business behaviour and operating practices.

Our ESG initiatives enhance safety and workplace fulfilment, minimise our operations' environmental impact, and enrich engagement with the communities in which we operate.

Workplace & Operating Practices

Looking after our people by ensuring their safety and fostering a happy and fulfilling workplace

Environmental Stewardship

Understanding and minimising our impact on the environment through technical and operational initiatives

Community Engagement

Recognising our obligations as a responsible member of the communities in which we operate

Corporate Governance

Ensuring best-in-class governance practices, risk management and transparency for enhanced stakeholder confidence

These responsibilities are core to our culture, strategy and long-term vision. Our spirit and culture turn our sustainability efforts into reality and make a difference within and outside of our organisation.

Sustainability Policies, Governance etc.

Sustainability policies, governance, materiality, and reporting framework and scope

Sustainability Highlights 2021

Human Capital Natural Capital Social & Relationship Capital

Our Impact in 2021

Healthy working conditions, a strong safety culture, opportunities to advance and responsible business practices are the foundations of how Pacific Basin operates.

Our Impact in 2021

Propelling vessels across oceans requires a number of resources or inputs, the consumption of which results in outputs that impact the environment.

Our Impact in 2021

We are responsible members of the communities where our ships call and where our employees live and work. We are engaged members of our industry.




nautical miles travelled


ports across 110 countries


shore-based employees


tonnes of fuel consumed


office locations worldwide

Our Performance


Seafarer Retention


ships per Safety & Training Manager


shore staff received external training

Our Performance


grams of CO2 per tonne-mile


tonnes of CO2 emitted by our owned fleet


efficient modern ships joined our owned fleet in 2021

Our Performance


charitable donations and sponsorship – mainly for seafarer welfare causes

"We acknowledge your ship and its crew for a great job throughout the load. For a 2005-built vessel she is in good working form and probably one of the cleanest I’ve been aboard of this vintage. Captain and Chief Officer were very proficient and easy to work with, as was the rest of the crew. Job well done by all."

Message of appreciation from one of many ports where our ships trade

Our Strategy

We strive to create a culture of safety, innovation and teamwork across our fleet and business enabling our employees to thrive and make a difference.

Our Strategy

Our sustainability initiatives seek to reduce our most material outputs and impacts on the atmosphere and marine environment; we also seek to reduce waste by minimising what we consume both at sea and ashore.

Our Strategy

We advocate and engage with organisations and other stakeholders that are involved in or connected with the business of shipping and the places where we operate; we follow applicable laws and responsible business practices.

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